Hands are fascinating subjects. Remarkable versatile, they allow us to simultaneously perceive, interact with, and manipulate the world around us -- to communicate, create, and control. This dynamic functionality is enabled by an equally dynamic form.  Within their fixed morphology, hands can embody both intimacy and force, precision and flexibility, weightedness and grace. The influence of their vast capabilities is observed in nearly every artifact that surrounds us.
My intention with this project was to create a wearable art piece which considered the profound versatility of hands in both its form and function. While dexterity is celebrated in the work’s form, it is paradoxically impeded by the imposed functionality as jewelry. Disguised as benign accessory, the ring traps the adjacent finger underneath it, limiting movement and forcing the wearer to confront the ramifications of this handicap on everyday tasks such as typing. The subtle antagonism of the ring’s rigid inanimateness demands that the participant become aware of the vital agency within their own hand.
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